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L+ Curl Lashes 9-13mm

L+ Curl Lashes 9-13mm

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L+ Curl Lashes 9-13mm are the perfect solution for those with naturally straight lashes. Designed with an L shape and an average curl, these lashes create a natural-looking curl that lasts. With just one use, you can achieve longer-lasting results than with traditional straight base lashes.

Each tray has

  • Three rows of 9mm (top 3 rows of tray)

  • Two rows of 10mm (rows 4-5)

  • Two rows of 11mm (rows 6-7)

  • Three rows of 11mm (rows 8-10)

  • Two rows of 12mm (rows 10-11)

  • One rows of 13mm (row 12)


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