7 Tips to Get Your Lashes to Last Longer

7 Tips to Get Your Lashes to Last Longer

Clients will always want their lashes to last as long as possible, and we don’t blame them, we would too! We’re here to share the best tips on how clients can get the most out of their lash extensions and to keep your hard work looking beautiful longer.  

Share these tips with a client after their appointment! 


The less you mess with your eyelash extensions, the more they’ll last longer. After an appointment with a client, you should let them know that they should avoid rubbing, tugging or plucking their lash extensions since excessive touching on the lash line can prematurely cause lashes to fall off. Our hands are filled with different oils and when we touch our eyelashes those oils will now be on our lashes, possibly damaging the adhesive. If you must touch your lashes, a slight rub on your eyelid in a circular motion will be okay! 

Pro Tip: If you have an itch near your lashes, grab a mascara wand and brush through your lashes gently. 

*Having Lash Addict Lash Care Cards are a must to give to every client as they leave


One of the easiest ways to make lashes extensions last longer is to clean them daily. To clean the eye area, we recommend using our Lash Splash, which is a lightweight and easy-to-use product for clients with extensions. The fine foaming formula gently removes makeup, residue, germs, and dirt that naturally build up between the lashes.  

To get the cleanest lashes, we also recommend pairing the Lash Splash with our Makeup Remover Pads. They are a one-step cleansing treatment specifically designed to remove eye makeup and gently moisturize the skin. Perfect for clients to use at night after a long day or toss in their gym bag. 

Along with cleaning the lashes daily, clients should brush them every morning. The morning is the best time to brush your lashes because they might tangle while you're sleeping. Plus, if you tend to sleep on your stomach or side, we recommend using a silk pillowcase to ensure your lashes are less likely to get tugged out. 


Scheduling refills at the appropriate time will keep lash extensions looking fabulous which is why we recommend scheduling a lash refill every two weeks to ensure the lash line stays looking full. If your client doesn’t keep up with their refills, you will need to add more extensions than usual to create fullness again. Be sure to highly encourage your clients to come in for a lash fill at the appropriate times and inform them why it’s important that they schedule an appointment frequently.  


It’s incredibly important to make sure that your clients are aware of the products they should and shouldn’t use on their lash extensions. As we shared earlier, we offered two lash friendly products that should be used to help keep lashes clean. We advise clients to not wear makeup if they have lash extensions but if they choose to, avoid the formulas that easily bleed in water.  

For more on lash extensions and makeup, read our Eye Makeup & Lash Extensions” blog 


Water can interfere with the lash glue of new lash extensions and cause them to become very brittle. Once 48 hours has passed, clients will be able to get their lashes wet. But, we still suggest informing your clients to pay attention to how the water is hitting their lashes while they are in the shower since the water pressure in the shower can drag the lashes down and damage them.  


Same as Tip #5, after 48 hours it is okay to get lash extensions wet meaning it is completely okay to swim with them on. We recommend not spending too much time in chlorine or salt water, as both can cause damage to lash extensions over time in excessive amounts, but small doses of swimming with lashes is completely safe.  

Pro Tip: Clients should always clean their lashes after swimming to minimize the chances of damaged lashes.  


If your client comes to you complaining about how short of a time their lashes lasted and they followed all the aftercare tips you suggested, you may want to recommend doing a lighter lash on them. The lash set they have on may be too heavy for what their real lashes can hold. If this is the case, try applying classic extensions since they put less stress on the real lash. 


You should always give your clients information on how to safely and correctly take care of their lash extensions. Making sure your studio is stocked with our Aftercare Cards is a must so you can hand them out to your clients after their appointments. These cards provide insightful aftercare tips to help their lashes look beautiful and healthy.   

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