Eye Makeup and Your Lashes

Eye Makeup and Your Lashes

Living in today’s world, our eyes are the prize. With our eyes being the center of attention for so long; we are determined to keep that going through show-stopping liners, shadows, lashes, and brows. I mean obviously, what’s not to love about eye-popping trends?

Keep It Bold

Ladies, we see you! The volume, the length, the shape, the lusciousness! We cannot get enough of your lash masterpieces. Not only are we going to talk about it, but we want to help you continue it. If you have created these looks before, you can do it again and again.  

With summer still upon us and the holiday season ahead, we want to keep your lashes the center of attention. Not only does that include your brows and eye makeup, but of course your lashes, too. The best thing about lashes being the center of attention is that they look great dressed up or down. Even if you are just chilling, your lashes can really make your makeup and overall fit stand out.  

Our Lash Addict Boss ladies can all love and appreciate a beautiful classic, natural set, but for our bold gals, it is your time to shine, too! Meaning, get creative with your eye liners, eye shadow pigments, and of course your lash extensions. Makeup can be hard to see through thick, voluminous lashes, so don’t be afraid to go a little heavier on the makeup to make sure your eyes stand out in every way. Whether you want length, volume, or hybrid—cat eye, cluster, or doll—it is completely open and accepted in the beauty industry!


Time to Experiment

For the longest time, the natural—unable to tell that you are wearing makeup—look was what the beauty industry was striving for. Everyone wanted eyelash extensions to make it look like they were not wearing extensions. It worked, it was gorgeous, but now is the time to switch it up a bit.  

As the trendsetter you are, it is up to you to set the tone. We see it all over the social media, the colored liners, highly pigmented shadows, bold brows-- literally a form of art. Those looks would be nothing without their lashes, let’s be honest here. They know that, and we know that. As leaders in your industry, we know that you have a vision and passion for all things beauty. We trust you and so do your clients.  

Start by experimenting with yourself! If you want to try a look or a new lash set, then start the trend! Now is the perfect time to set the pace for the rest of the year. People want to see your ideas; they want your guidance and vision to come to life on them. Even though some of you may not be makeup artists, experimenting will strengthen your skills and you can see your clients’ looks come together with your lashes.  


Cleaning Up

For your skin and lash extension safety, makeup remover and lash cleanser will be absolutely necessary after every wear. It is always good to provide this friendly reminder to your friends, family, and clients who apply a lot of products to their eyes after extensions. Often times makeup remover is not only aggressive on the lashes, but it does not do a well enough job. Use these products on your own extensions and recommend them to your clients!

Lash Splash: 

It is common for dirt, dust, and germs to get caught between your current lashes, whether you have extensions or not. This is completely normal, so there is no need to worry. However, just like cleaning your makeup off every night is important, so is cleaning your lashes. So, what is the difference between the cleansing water and lash splash? Well, the Lash Splash is a foaming cleanser that is meant specifically for your lashes. Using your cleanser and Eyelash Brush, apply a small amount onto your lashes and gently scrub with our cleaning brush so that the cleaner is completely worked through. After you have done a thorough cleanse, use a clean cotton pad to pat-dry any extra moisture and comb through your extensions with our Lash Wands. No rinse needed.

Makeup Remover Pads: 

For those nights where you need a quick eye makeup remover that is not only safe but fast-acting, the Makeup Remover Pads are your go-to! Our number-one selling makeup removal product provides you with quick and easy makeup removal while simultaneously moisturizing the skin leaving no mess or clean up. Super easy to use, the makeup pads come with the cleanser already on the pads, using a few sweeping motions across your eyelid-- your makeup will be gone in no time. After using the makeup pads, be sure to rinse your eyelids with warm water, and pat to dry away any remaining moisture. Lastly, comb through with your Lash Wands to keep your extensions maintained.  

Time to Show Off!

As we said, your eye makeup and lashes go hand in hand. We are so excited to see what kind of looks you create for yourself and your clients going forward. Lighting is always important when showcasing your work! If you don’t have a ring light, no worries, natural lighting will work great, too. Take your photoshoot facing a window or outside and you are guaranteed to snap a great pic! to elevate your photo even more, add your favorite preset to get your ideal aesthetic.  

Be sure to tag us in your looks using #LABossLadies or #LashAddict on social media!

Start Your Career

Whether you are already licensed and looking for quality products, or are looking to become a certified lash technician, look no further than Lash Addict! We carry the highest quality tools, products, and education that you need to dominate in your field. Shop with us online, or check out our Lash Addict training opportunities to become part of our #LABossLadies team!

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