What to Expect From Our Partner School Program

What to Expect From Our Partner School Program

With an industry that accumulates more than $200M annually and expanding upwards of $1.5B by the year 2024, eyelash extensions have successfully captivated millions worldwide.  At Lash Addict, we believe in providing endless opportunities that continue to grow throughout the beauty industry and in the world of lashes. The lash extension industry is ever-growing, and the market is having a challenging time keeping up. Clients and salons are seeking talented artists who are able to provide beautiful looks with the proper technical training and safety protocols.  

The internet can be a reliable yet scary tool when it comes to service providers. Many people believe that an online class alone is enough to then actively perform on clients and jumpstart a career. At Lash Addict—we believe the opposite. Hands-on training from leading artists within the industry is what is going to set a student apart from others. Lash Addict believes in setting people up for success and that starts with tools and resources necessary provided within their institute.  

Become a Partner School:  

Classic Lash Training at The Institute of Beauty & Wellness - Milwaukee

Classic Lash Training at The Institute of Beauty & Wellness - Milwaukee

At Lash Addict, we offer many ways for your school or salon to get involved. The beauty industry is not only large, but it continues to expand yearly. Ranging from hair, makeup, skincare, lashes and more—there is something for everyone to be a part of. Clients are not the only ones looking for the latest and greatest looks and tips, but beauty artists are as well. From a business perspective—it makes sense to invest into a growing $1.5B industry.  

Train Your Students:  

If you are looking to expand into this growing market but do not have experts or instructors available yet, no need to worry. You can become involved by hosting Lash Addict’s qualified trainers during their lash extension training program.  This training lasts for either one day or two days depending on what you decide as an organization and will cover the basic topics of lash extension training. This includes safety and sanitation, common irritations and infections, product knowledge, consultations, and proper isolation techniques. This training will cover both theory and hands-on practice in which live models will be needed to help aid in real-life scenarios for the students in attendance. 

The students will be required to purchase their student kits beforehand which contains all the necessary materials for their training. Prior to hosting any training at your institute, we will partner with you on how to effectively price your class using your current market and surrounding markets to increase your school’s competitive advantage and grow revenue. Learn more about how hosting the experts can benefit your institute.   

Train Your Educators:  

For those who already have a successful cosmetology or esthiology program, we have an option for you to expand your training even further. At Lash Addict, we will come in to certify your instructors to provide exclusive Lash Addict training as a part of your program curriculum. This will allow the instructors to accurately train and certify the next generation of lash artists within your area. Offering Lash Addict trainings within your school using your instructors will allow for an added piece of training during your curriculum, a partnership with Lash Addict, in-house training at any time and convenience, exclusive partner kit discounts, and lash extension service menus for your clinic floor.  

Upon completion, your instructors and students will receive a certificate for completion to show that you are Lash Addict certified. By certifying YOUR instructors, you are able to become the experts within your area and offer exclusive training that is in high demand and highly sought after by both guests and students.  

Host Lash Addict to Train in Your Community:  

There are many already established beauty professionals out there that are seeking opportunities to expand their service menus and knowledge within the industry. As an institute, you have the ability to host Lash Addict trainings for these professionals to become certified in lash extensions. If you already have Lash Addict certified instructors or looking to use one of Lash Addict’s directly—we can certainly accommodate those requests.  

This will help to increase revenue and exposure to your establishment by providing training to not just students—but professionals in your community looking to expand. This industry is incredibly competitive, and the more you know the more you are able to provide for your clients. Many professionals take advantage of short training such as Lash Addict to expand their service menus and market to a new type of client. You can offer this training however often you would like. We are happy to provide you with any further details or assistance as needed. 

Volume Lash Extension Training at All Cut Up Salon

Volume Lash Extension Training at All Cut Up Salon

Your Next Steps:  

The window for growth is now. There are many professionals and students in the market who are looking to begin their lash artist career but are unsure of where to start. Through partnering with Lash Addict, we will provide you with the necessary tools needed to ensure you can successfully get the word out of not only your trainings—but your success. The industry is not slowing down, but the competition is starting to speed up. You can set your establishment a part through Lash Addict. It is time to certify the next generation of lash artists the right way through safe, effective, and consumer-focused measures.  

Results matter when it comes to the world of beauty. We have made sure that our experts, tools, materials, and training not only meets the needs of the industry but exceeds all standards and requirements. If you are interested in setting yourself apart from the rest of the industry, learn more about your opportunities as a Lash Addict partner by visiting us online. If you have any questions on how to get started, feel free to contact us to learn more.  

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