Services Every Lash Artist Should Offer

Services Every Lash Artist Should Offer

With the lash industry ever booming, there are countless unique services available. When clients are searching for a lash artist they will be looking for a few key services. If you are looking to stand out among the competition, there are a few services you should always provide for your clients. Let’s break them down. 


This one is probably a no brainer! Lash extensions have seen a major upward trend in the last few years and the trend is only continuing to grow. Due to the high demand for lash extensions on a regular basis, it’s vital that you offer different types of eyelash extension services such as: 


This service will be for your first-time clients. Allow 90-120 minutes to do this full set, which goes from no lash extensions to a natural, light, full set of lashes.  


This set is the same as the introductory full set, just not for first time clients. You should still allow 90-120 minutes to ensure a voluminous look if the client requests it.  


This service makes your client’s full set of lashes look brand new! You will replace missing extensions and add on extensions to new lash growth. This service is best done every two weeks, however, if your client has less than 50% of their lash extensions remaining on one eye, you may want to opt doing a full set instead. A lash refill typically takes 45-60 minutes.  


Everyone wants to look their best for a special occasion and this service does just that! This is a quick 30-minute service to freshen up any lashes that may need it before an event.  


Clients may decide they don’t want lashes anymore or previous lashes need to be removed to apply a different set. They might come in to get a full set or a partial set removed. 


There are quite a few types of lashes that clients may be looking for, so we’ll give you a rundown on a variety of lashes you should provide at your spa or studio.  


These are for clients who want a fuller more dramatic look. They should be used on clients who have sparse or thin natural lashes. 


These lashes are the "OG” lash extensions and are most widely known. These are great for clients who want to add natural length and moderate thickness to their lashes. These are an excellent choice for clients who have naturally thick lashes.  


These unique curls are becoming a major trend and should be in your arsenal. There are many instances when you would want to turn to an L+ lash, such as: 

1. Your client has straight or downward-facing lashes 

2. Your client has hooded eyes 

3. You need spikes for your strip lash look 

4. You want to create the ultimate liner effect


These lashes are used for clients who want a natural look but do not want to add curl to their look. They create more volume and length while maintaining a natural curl. 


It’s no wonder why these lashes are one of the most used extensions on the market because they complement all types of eye shapes! They are very natural and resemble lashes that were only curled with an eyelash curler. 


These are perfect for clients with downward-angled lashes who want to brighten and widen their eyes while giving a noticeable curl.Shop our lashes here!


This service is great for clients who don’t want to add false lashes but will still make their lashes stand out more without having to curl them in the morning. Lash Lift is like a perm for your lashes and can last up to six weeks! Clients will typically get these services done together, so if you offer a lash lift you should offer a lash tint as well. 


You can never go wrong with adding extra services that might have nothing to do with lashes. Clients are going to you to spruce up their look and leave feeling gorgeous and relaxed. Most importantly, to ensure loyal, rebooking clients, it is important to go above and beyond with your services. 


Clients will often come in at the end of their workday or even the middle of their workday for a lash set. Meaning, they just came from stress and chaos. A quick 3-minute scalp or temple massage will instantly relax them and get them in the headspace to enjoy their service.  


It can take a lot of patience getting your lashes done, especially for clients getting a full set. Give them a little extra pampering by providing them with a full-face mask to hydrate them after their service. + what a great upsell! Mask add-on prices can range anywhere from $15-$25 depending on the mask. 


Using aromas can calm the mind and get your client ready for their service. Ask them which aroma they would like, such as lavender or rosemary mint. Place 2 drops on your wrist and have them take 3 deep breaths before and during the service, which will keep them relaxed and grounded throughout the service. 


Now that you know which services will bring your business the most success, it’s time to shine and provide services that will have your clients feeling beautiful. Shop with us online to fill your salon or studio with gorgeous lashes! 

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