L.A. Extended: Lindsay MacKay—Certified Lash Artist and Licensed Esthetician

L.A. Extended: Lindsay MacKay—Certified Lash Artist and Licensed Esthetician

Here at Lash Addict, we recently took a trip to Neroli Salon & Spa located in Brookfield, Wisconsin to highlight one of our Lash Addict artists—Lindsay MacKay. We spoke with Lindsay to get an inside look on what it is like being a Lash Artist working within a salon and spa. We want to provide you with as many options as we can to ensure your success in the future, and share the options that are available to you upon completing your training.   

During this interview, we took an inside look on what you can expect as a future Lash Artist within a salon and spa setting and the opportunities that can come with it. Follow along to hear about Lindsay’s professional journey as a Lash Addict Certified Lash Artist.  

Q: Share with Us a Little Bit About Yourself, Your Education and Experience Within This Industry: 

“My name is Lindsay MacKay and I am an esthetician at Neroli Salon & Spa. I graduated from The Aveda Institute Madison in 2017, and I just had my 4-year anniversary with Neroli Salon & Spa which is very exciting!” 

Lashes done by @lindsaymackay_

Q: What Sparked Your Interest to Become Lash Extension Trained? How Did You Get Started? 

“We touched briefly on lash extension training in my classes at the Aveda Institute of Madison, but it is funny because when I did the classes there, I kept thinking ‘this is not for me’ and I had no interest in it. However, after working at Neroli Salon & Spa for about a year, they sent out an invite to come to the lash education—and I thought to myself ‘why not?’ I really just went for it.  

During that 3-day education I just fell in love with doing it and it became so natural for me. So, that is how I got started, and after that I just could not stop.” 

Q: How Has Lash Addict Supported You in Your Journey as a Lash Artist? 

“I will say that the education I received was phenomenal. It was a 3-day long, hands-on education with instructors that worked close by me to help me with anything that I needed. I have constantly been in direct communication with Lash Addict and the instructors that I have had. If I have ever had any questions—I receive an immediate response which is really nice.”  

Q: What is Your Favorite Part About Being a Lash Artist? 

“I would have to say just being able to create different looks is really fun for me. Everyone that I have had come in has always wanted something different. Everyone wants to start small and then they want to get bigger and bigger and go up to that volume lash. It is really fun each and every time they come in to create those different looks.  

Besides just being an artist, you get to have relationships with these people. You are spending a lot of time with them. The first appointment is 2 hours long roughly and they come in for fills about every 2 weeks and that takes about 1 hour. They are like your friends or your family and I think that is one of my favorite parts is the relationships that I create.” 

Q: Which Lash Addict Product Can You Not Live Without? Why? 

“I LOVE the Rapid Dry Adhesive. I mean when I was using just the regular Ultra Adhesive it was a great beginner adhesive and now that I have been doing this for three years the Rapid Dry is just my favorite. I can get through full-sets in less than 90 minutes—it is amazing! Only 1-second dry time and I can just go right through it all. My fills only take like 30-40 minutes because I can just get right through it so fast. I honestly do not know what I would do without that adhesive! 

I use the Rapid Dry for my volume lashes too and even with volume sets, those typically take longer than classic sets and I can complete it in the same amount of time.” 

Lashes done by @lindsaymackay_

Q: How Does Lash Addict Differ from Other Lash Products You Have Used, If Any? 

“I have not really experimented with anything different. I know when I first started doing lashes, we were using NovaLash and the one thing that I did not really like as much was that they were kind of messy. I would go to grab a lash and five other lashes would come off the strip and then you would be stuck with this mess in the tray, and it felt like a waste. 

 I do like that the Lash Addict Strips are more stable. So, I can grab each lash without multiple lashes coming off the strip and I don’t feel like I am wasting the product.”  

Q: What Advice Would You Give to Aspiring Lash Artists? 

“Practice as much as you can. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help. Work on as many different types of lashes as you can. Different ethnicities have different types of lashes, so work with as many different ethnicities and people as you possibly can. Work with different age groups as well. Mature women can be more difficult to do lashes for because they typically have that hooded eye and bags underneath their eyes. It can be hard to get the right look for them with these underlying factors.  

Go in on your off-time and offer it to people who you work with, ask them ‘hey will you come in on a Saturday so I can do your lashes for you?’ Really take your time to practice. When I started, I had to practice on 25 different people before I could start taking actual clients. I feel like now after working for over 3 years I am in a good spot where I know different kinds of lashes and what looks good on different people.  

I remember in my second year of doing lashes I had people come in and thought to myself ‘this is a challenge, these lashes are a bit of a challenge.’ My one piece of advice is to just practice on so many different people—as many people as you can.”  

Q: What is a Fun Fact You Can Share About Being a Lash Artist That Some May Not Know? 

“I guess circling back to my favorite part about being a lash artist—a fun fact is that you can have relationships with people. You also feel like you are part of a community. Being a part of a little lash group—lash artist to lash artist.”  

Q: Any Other Comments You Would Like to Share About Lash Addict, or Being a Lash Artist? 

“I think that everyone should be a lash artist. I really do. Especially with masks right now--the only thing that you can see are eyes and you need to give your eyes a personality. It is so nice to be able to wake up, put a little concealer on and a mask—and you look and feel ready for the day! I think everyone needs to be a lash artist—it is such a common thing, and so many people get lashes. Many people have never had lashes either, so the more Lash Addict Artists out there—the more people have opportunities to look great!”   

We are so proud of Lindsay and her accomplishments as both a lash artist and esthetician! As a #laBossLady, there are many avenues within this industry that you can travel through that will bring you options and success. Whether you choose to own your own studio or partner with a salon—Lash Addict has the training and supplies for you!  

Start your journey today as a #laBossLady and get started in this successful and fast-growing industry.   

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