L.A. Extended: Becca Cahak--Certified Lash Artist and Licensed Esthetician

L.A. Extended: Becca Cahak--Certified Lash Artist and Licensed Esthetician

Here at Lash Addict, we recently took a trip to Neroli Salon & Spa located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to highlight one of our Lash Addict artists—Becca Cahak. We spoke with Becca to get an inside look on what it is like being a Lash Artist working within a salon and spa. We want to provide you with as many options as we can to ensure your success in the future, and share which options are available to you upon completing your training.   

During this interview, we took an inside look on what you can expect as a future Lash Artist within a salon and spa setting and the opportunities that can come with it. Follow along to hear about Becca’s professional journey as a Lash Addict Certified Lash Artist.  

Q: Share with Us a Little Bit About Yourself, Your Education and Experience Within This Industry: 

“My name is Becca Cahak, and I am an esthetician at Neroli Salon & Spa in downtown Milwaukee located in the Third Ward. I enrolled into the Esthiology Program at The Institute of Beauty and Wellness Milwaukee and graduated with my licensure in December 2020. I also received extended training in Microneedling and Dermaplaning through True Skin Institute in Chicago.”  

Q: Why Did You Feel Neroli Salon & Spa Was a Good First Step Within the Industry? How Has it Helped You? 

“I feel like Neroli Salon & Spa was a good first step within this industry for me because it really helped me to get off my feet. They have also helped me through offering extended training in many areas. I have been able to learn many new machines and modalities such as HydraFacial, Chemical Peels, more training on Microneedling and Dermaplaning and many others. I think this is a great place to jumpstart your career—through finding a spa within a salon. They have also helped me in other ways through teaching me how to market myself—such as making Instagram posts, Tik Toks, and just social media in general.”   

Q: What Do You Feel Is Important for Other Lash Artists to Know When Considering a Lash Extension Career at a Salon and Spa vs. A Personal Studio?  

“A lash extension career within a salon is great because it provides a wide network within the salon or spa. For instance, I will have someone who is a hair stylist across the salon talking to a guest and the guest might ask them about lash extensions and then they can refer me to that guest. It has really helped me in that aspect that other people within the salon or spa have helped to refer me.  

The other day, someone was applying makeup on a guest and applying fake eyelashes and the guest started asking about lash extensions. If that esthetician does not do lash extensions, they typically will refer me to assist that guest. I feel like when working in a salon, you have a greater network to tap into and there are other people within the area that can refer you like a nail designer, hair stylist, or other people within that space.  

A personal studio is also great because you have that independence and can make your own schedule, but you are very reliant on your own marketing and network. There are not as many other people to tap into or help you so that is a drawback. Both situations have their benefits and challenges though.” 

Q: How Has Lash Addict Supported You in Your Journey as a Lash Artist? 

“I feel like Lash Addict has a very simple and to-the-point education training program. They teach you everything you really need to know to jumpstart your career into lashing and lash extensions. I also feel like Lash Addict products are really easy to use and understand. I have never looked at a product from Lash Addict and said ‘what is this?’  

I also like their glue as well. I started working with the Ultra Adhesive and advanced to working with the Rapid Dry Adhesive which helped me to cut my lash time in half. Their lashes are really high quality as well. They last a really long time on my guests, they look really good, and they don’t have any inconsistencies. Lash Addict is also really supportive with education. I sometimes go back to my lash educator because she is super helpful with questions that I have and updates.”  

Q: What is Your Favorite Part About Being a Lash Artist?  

“I love being a lash artist because of the many different looks you can achieve. I also love helping a guest achieve the look that they are going for. I like the balance between creating dramatic sets and modest sets. I also love the instant gratification of how in 1 hour someone can look completely different. They come in with blonde, short eyelashes that you can barely see, and they leave with this gorgeous, dramatic set that just really enhances their look. Seeing the excitement and confidence that comes from people who get their lashes done—you can just see the confidence beaming out of people when they look in the mirror—it is incredible!” 

Q: Which Lash Addict Product Can You Not Live Without? Why? 

“I absolutely love the Lash Splash. It is really hard to find a good, reliable, water-based cleanser and makeup remover. It is great because it is water-based so it is super safe for the lashes, and it just easily glides your makeup off. It is absolutely incredible—I would not be able to live without it!”  

Q: How Does Lash Addict Differ from Other Lash Products That You Have Used?  

“I feel like the Lash Addict’s lashes adhere better to the actual lash a lot easier. I have used other lashes where the lashes would just fall right off, and that does not happen with Lash Addict. The Rapid Dry Adhesive dries incredibly fast, which is great and very beneficial, and the lash cleansers are out of this world! I have not used many others, but I can say that it is going to be hard to beat it.  

Q: What Is a Fun Fact You Can Share About Being a Lash Artist That Some May Not Know About? 

“I think for me personally, the whole time that I am doing someone’s lashes I am just imagining how they are going to look afterwards. The amount of thought that goes into how a guest’s set is going to look is intense. Also, the amount of concentration it takes as well. There is a lot that goes into making a good lash artist. You have to have a steady hand, a good eye, be super hyper-focused while also conversing with your guests. There is a lot that goes into it, but in the end—you create such a gorgeous look for someone.”  

Q: Any Other Comments You Would Like to Share About Lash Addict or Being a Lash Artist? 

“Lash Addict is a great brand especially for those who are beginning or are looking for a jumpstart into lashing. I feel like they have reasonable prices for amazing quality products. They are very consistent within their brand.  

I think those who are interested in becoming an esthetician should definitely consider lash extension training. It completely expands your service menu. We already have so many services that we can do from facials, waxing, body treatments, and more—there are so many things that we as estheticians can do and adding in lashes to that—it just expands it even further. What is great is that you can have a guest come in for a facial and end up talking to you about lashes. You can even talk to your guest about lashes while doing a different service—it happens all the time.  

I have had a lot of guests come in for lash lifts and end up booking for lash extensions though conversations and learning their end goals.  The people who are already coming in for a service pertaining to their eyes have been very easy to market to about lash extensions.” 

We are so proud of Becca and her accomplishments as both a lash artist and esthetician! As a #labosslady, there are many avenues within this industry that you can travel through that will bring you options and success. Whether you choose to own your own studio or partner with a salon—Lash Addict has the training and supplies for you!  

Start your journey today as a #labosslady and get started in this successful and fast-growing industry.   

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