How to Design Your Lash Space

How to Design Your Lash Space

Now that you’re a lash master, it’s time to start thinking about what you want your lash space to look like. We’re here to give you some lash room ideas and tips to use while you design your perfect space.  


While you search for the best furniture and layout for your lash space, you should always keep in mind what will bring your clients the most comfort. A comfortable space = more clients. Getting your lashes done should be a relaxing, comfortable experience, especially with how long a client has to sit with their eyes closed for. We suggest adding the following items to your lash space: 

  • Blankets: Add a cozy blanket! Having a fluffy blanket will bring more warmth and comfort to your clients when they’re lying on the chair during their appointment. A blanket will help make the room look more inviting as well! 
  • Fans: Have a fan nearby. Depending on where your lash space is located, the space might get warm at times and with patient's body temperature fluctuating while they’re laying down, a fan is a great item to have on hand. We recommend having a fan close by to not only help cool clients down during their appointment, but also you. 
  • Cushion: Get extra padding for your lash bed. With even just a little bit of padding on the bed it will bring so much comfort to your clients that they may just take a lash nap! 

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With a large piece of furniture like a lash bed, we suggest putting it in the middle of your treatment room. It will draw the attention of your clients and bring focus towards the room being a lash treatment space. Necessary tools like your swivel chair and an overhead light will find their place next to the lash bed and equipment should be within reach of your chair. Once the lash bed is placed in the middle of the room, you can think about how you want to design the rest of the space around it.  


Now is the time when you get to be creative with your design! You may have an idea of what kind of mood you’d like your space to have but if not, don’t worry - this is the perfect time to figure that out.  

Designing can be super fun and exhilarating but be sure not to go overboard on your design. A lash space should look clean and welcoming. To achieve this look, checkout our tips below: 

  • Photos: Having photos around the room that accentuate your lash brand and vibe is not only super cute for your space but also describes your passions and creativity. What photos you choose to pop on the wall are an extension of you! 
  • Fixtures: You may prefer a large statement piece chandelier overhead or a unique floor lamp. Choose lighting fixtures that describe what you want the space to feel like and the statement you’re trying to create. Narrow down your vibe such as glam or minimal. 
  • Color: Have color! Liven your space up by adding pops of color throughout your space such as a throw pillow, blanket, colorful vase with flowers, etc. 
  • Signage: Include marketing signage. The font, color and layout your signage is designed with should match your brand standards and the overall vibe of your space. Plus, first time clients will have a better memory of what your salon is called if they see your signage not only outside the studio but inside as well.  

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You obviously want your client’s lashes to look as fabulous as possible as well as those before and after photos, so be sure to prioritize great lighting in your space. If you’re looking to level up your social media we suggest adding a spot in your lash space that is dedicated to taking photos of clients, that way the photos will have the same aesthetic and give your social media pages a cleaner look. 


You should always have adequate storage to keep your supplies, back stock and tools. To ensure that your space doesn’t look cluttered, store your equipment away in cabinets or drawers. If you have a smaller space, we recommend using sleek bins or rolling carts for your equipment that can easily be tucked away. 

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Finding the right music for your space can be a challenge so we suggest to first decide what mood you want your space to bring to your clients. If you want your lash space to have a spa like feel, opt for a playlist that include softer, relaxing songs or even nature sounds. If you want your space to be more upbeat and livelier, play a playlist that has the top pop songs. You can also create a customized experience for your clients by letting them pick the playlist and genre they’d like to listen to during their appointment.  

With that being said, it is all about igniting the sense in this industry. Another important sense is smell. Bringing the right scent into your space can make a client walk in and instantly feel at ease. Before a client comes in for an appointment, place a few essential oil drops in a diffuser to create a calming environment. You can use scents like lavender, jasmine, vanilla or lemon to achieve a relaxing effect.  


Now that your brain is full of ideas, it’s time to make your vision a reality! Remember to not let yourself get too stressed during this time and have fun. Sketch out your ideas and plans and enjoy the process of creating your fantastic space.  

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