#FalaLASHADDICT: How to Prep for Your Holiday Season

#FalaLASHADDICT: How to Prep for Your Holiday Season

The holidays are officially here, are you ready for it? ‘Tis the season to sing Fa-la-la-la Lash Addict! We all know that this time of year can be insanely busy, but it is also a time of joy, excitement, and jam-packed books! People are planning for their holidays earlier and earlier each year. From gift shopping, family gatherings, and holiday parties to their hair, nail, and lash appointments—things are booking up quickly. You are about to be one busy lash artist!  

We understand that your schedule does not slow down, and we do not want it to. So, we compiled some best practices to ensure that you can skate through this holiday season. Balancing your current clients, new clients, inventory, and social media all on top of the holiday craziness can see overwhelming. No need to worry! Lash Addict has you covered.  

1.) Start Your Marketing:  

Not only is the holiday conversation fun to talk about but it is also fun to plan. Now is the time to go all out on social media, your website (if you have one), and of course with your lash space! During the holiday season, you cannot market enough. Depending on your aesthetic, you can choose to show lash inspo pictures for your clients to try, your “client cam” pictures, and of course some fun holiday themes, too. Many people get really into the holiday spirit, so start marketing yourself early. 

It is beneficial to market yourself on email, too. You can notify your clients of holiday promotions, aftercare product bundles, and more. Be sure to share with your clients about booking ahead of time. Send out reminder emails or text messages to let your guests know that you are already booking holiday appointments in advance. 

For some inspiration ideas, head over to our Lash Addict Instagram: @lashaddictbeauty.  

2.) Plan Out Your Schedules:  

We all know that the holidays are a crazy, busy time. The best way to get through it, is with a plan. Look ahead at your next 2-3 months and plan as much of your schedule as you can. This includes lash appointments, time-off, personal appointments, parties, etc. You deserve to spend time enjoying the holiday season, too. If you know that you have a family event at the end of the month, plan for it and notify your clients of other available dates to book in.  

Last minute plans may come up or may be canceled, but that is a lot easier to work around when you can see your entire schedule. Do not be afraid to plan for some personal time! You are going to be working hard, and you deserve some rest and relaxation. If you want to take a day off—do it! (Just be sure to plan for it). Make sure to let your clients know of which days you do not have available. Be respectful of their time and they will usually return the favor! The greater notice you can provide them, the better. 

ProTip: Write your appointments and schedule down in a planner! Block off personal time and events as well as work related to-dos in different pen colors to stay organized. 

3.) Book Your Clients Ahead:  

Sometimes your clients forget that they need to schedule their lash appointment until it is too late. As their lash artist, do not let them forget! It is okay to mention that the holidays are a busy time for everyone and that other people are already booking ahead. Even if they can book directly with you from your website or social media—make it easy and schedule it for them after their appointment. Not only does it help you to plan your personal and professional schedule, but it takes one thing off their hands. They will thank you for it!  

This will also help you to continue to plan out your personal and professional schedule. Especially when you have a lot of requests for appointments. When you are in control of your schedule and can plan ahead—it relieves some of the unnecessary tension from both you and your client. 

4.) Order Your Lash Addict Inventory: 

This may seem like a self-explanatory—but holiday stress is no joke. Make sure you have enough inventory on hand to get you through the holiday season. Ordering now will give you the perfect amount of time to plan for the holidays and stock up on inventory.  

Remember: It is better to have too much than not enough! 

We have provided you some friendly reminders on the products you should double check! Of course, you need your lash extensions! Be sure to have multiple styles and lengths on hand just in case your clients decide to get creative. Also, make sure you have extra adhesives on hand just in case. Regardless of if you are a Rapid Dry kind of artist, or an Ultra Adhesive #laboss, it best to keep an extra supply just in case your books fill up overnight—sometimes they do.  

Be sure to throw in a little extra for your clients too—after all it is the holidays. During their aftercare, make sure that they are set up with their Makeup Remover Pads, their Lash Splash for weekly cleaning, and their Under Eye Refresh for an added glow! Keep in mind, that your clients are in a gift shopping mood. Use the “who, who, and You” method during your appointment with them. Figure out who is on their list to buy for, listen to what they need, and make the necessary recommendations. Of course, do not let them leave emptyhanded without something for their extensions! Lash Addict products make the perfect stocking stuffers and are a great add to any holiday basket.  

If you cannot decide what to get a fellow lash friend, gift them a Lash Addict gift card! It is a simple gift that goes a long way.  

5.) Get Creative and Have a Blitz of a Time:

Now comes the fun part, getting into the holiday spirit! For many, seeing holiday décor or listening to holiday music automatically puts them in a joyful mood. This will help get your clients in a shopping mood, too! Have fun with your creativity this season. Whether you choose to decorate your lash space, DIY your after care cards, put up a tree with ornaments, play holiday music, or all of the above—be sure to get creative, become inspired, and most of all have fun with it!  

During this season of giving, do not be afraid to have fun with your clients! You can choose to do little contests, holiday giveaways, goodie bags, etc. This is a time for giving, so why not leave a lasting impression? Just something that lets your client know that you appreciate their business and are excited about bringing in the new year with them!  

Here at Lash Addict, we want you to not only be prepared for this holiday season, but have a fun time, too! The holidays are such a joyous time of year and we are so excited to have you a part of our #labosslady team this season. Remember, prep work does not always have to be a burden, you can have a lot of fun planning for various events throughout the year. Not only is it fun for you, but your clients love it too!  

Share with us your holiday looks using #falaLashAddict for a chance to be featured on our Instagram!  

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