Best At-Home Care for Lashes

Best At-Home Care for Lashes

You just finished up your eyelash appointment and they look absolutely stunning! Great work! Regardless if your masterpiece is for yourself or your client, aftercare is crucial with any service you perform. It is easy to get excited and ready to take those great before and after photos to post on social media, but lash extension safety should always be front of mind!  


#LaBossLadies it is time to grow your business and market yourself as a leader in this industry. You went through the top-level training, earned and kept your clientele, and certified yourself as the best at what you do. We could not be more proud! Part of your job as an expert includes sharing your knowledge with the world, more importantly your clients.  

You of all people know how many lash technicians there are in your area. Meaning, your clients have countless options to choose from to go get their lash extensions from. For some, they make look for the cheapest, others may look for the closest, and some may go to their friends. Nothing is wrong with any of their choices, but they may be going to the wrong technician. Do these technicians know about lash safety? Do they use the best and safest products on their clients? Do their extensions last? Cause irritation? Come with proper instructions? The questions could go on forever. The point is: your clients do not always know or understand the importance of research, products, safety, and sanitation like you do. So, as an expert, you cannot assume.  

You can solidify your position in this market by explaining what you know. We know you can produce some beautiful results, but it is up to your clients to maintain them to get the most out of their service. home care.08-2021.3.png

Makeup Remover Pads

Makeup remover is a super important part of your daily skincare routine, however, not every product is safe for your eyes or lash extensions. The Makeup Remover Pads from Lash Addict is safe for both. It works to simultaneously remove makeup and apply moisture back into your skin.  

Using gentle sweeping motions, brush the makeup wipes over your eyelids 2-3 times to ensure the makeup is completely removed. Once finished, rinse your eye with warm water and pat dry. To keep the volume and shape of your lash extensions, use your lash wand and gently sweep through your extensions. 

The Makeup remover pads come pre-soaked with product to ensure it is easy and mess-free for you and your clients! They are a perfect on-the-go option for those who travel a lot or need a quick makeup removal before the gym, swimming, or tanning. Small enough to fit in your bag or purse, they are not only safe, but also extremely convenient. home care.08-2021.5.png

Lash Splash

Makeup, dirt, and dust can collect in between your individual lashes causing clumping and irritation. Using makeup wipes will help, but having a solution made specifically for your lashes and extensions will guarantee complete removal. The Lash Addict Lash Splash is a gentle foaming cleanser that is safe for both your eyes and lashes.  

Using your lash extension cleaning brush, apply a small amount of foaming cleanser to your extensions and rub in to extensions to remove build-up and residue. Once finished, use a dry cotton pad to remove extra moisture, and maintain your extension structure by brushing through your lashes with your lash wand. Not only are these products safe and easy to use, but less is actually more. You do not need to go excessive on product, in fact, just a little product application will do the trick!  

Lash extensions should be cleaned daily. Even if you do not apply makeup daily, dirt and dust can still cause a lot of unwanted build-up. It is important that your lashes look great, but it is even more important that your lashes are kept as safe and sanitary as possible. home care.08-2021.1.png

Under Eye Refresher

An added benefit for your lash extension service, is your knowledge around skincare as well. As an expert on skin and lash safety and sanitation, you can also share ways to get your client’s under eyes healthy and glowing as well. One thing that many do not know, is that Lash Addict carries an Under Eye Refresh product.  

During the lower lash taping portion of your extension service, the under eye refresh can be introduced. Not only does it apply a sense of relaxation to the service, but it also benefits the skin. Using patented technology, the under eye refresh slowly releases moisture into the skin while using additional nutrients to firm and brighten the undereye.  

The Under Eye Refresh can be used outside of the salon as well! Your clients can take the product home and apply to the under eyes for about 20-30 minutes as an added boost to their skincare routine. After the pads are removed, be sure to leave the remaining moisture on your eyes to be absorbed by your skin overnight.  

This is a great product to use once a week as an added part to your client’s skincare routine. It is a great way to get the necessary hydration and add visible brightness to their eyes! Make sure to share all of the great benefits during your extension service.  

 Aftercare Cards

Your clients are excited about their new extensions and you are excited to show your masterpiece to the world! Surely, some information will get missed during your session. It is completely normal, we all get distracted. However, do not let that stop you from being the educated professional that you are. As one of the #LABossLadies, you have access to the best training and products on the market. So, use that to your advantage! 

During your session, send your client home with a Lash Addict Aftercare card, to ensure they have your advice and instructions with them at all times. Including product knowledge, cleaning instructions, product order, and any additional tips and tricks that you shared during your appointment that day. Each client will be different, so personalize their care card how you best see fit. However, every client should be supplied with the necessary information to keep their lash health and sanitation front of mind as well as your contact information to book their next appointment! 

aftercare cards1.jpg

Time to Shine

You are ready to take on the world as #LABossLadies lash technician! Not only are you certified in your craft, but you are educated on how to supply knowledge to your clients. You are more than just a service provider—you are an expert.  

Using your knowledge on skincare, safety, sanitation, vision, and extensions you can provide more to your clients that goes beyond just a service. Using top of the line products with your creativity and knowledge will have you unstoppable in your field.  

Stand out as a leader in your industry and share your experience with the world! Think of yourself more than just a lash artist, but as an educator to your peers and clients. Creating an experience while being knowledgeable will have your clients coming back for more!  

Tag your lash looks and tips with us on social media using #LABossLadies or #LashAddict to be featured!  

Step 1: Remove Eye Makeup

Step 1: Remove Eye Makeup

Step 2: Cleanse Lashes

Step 2: Cleanse Lashes

Step 3: Fluff with Wand

Step 3: Fluff with Wand

Step 4: Relaxing Under Eye Refresher

Step 4: Relaxing Under Eye Refresher

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