10 Common Lash Extension Misconceptions

10 Common Lash Extension Misconceptions

With lash extensions continuing to rise in popularity, there are many questions being asked and answered with a lot of misinformation. We are here to help you sift through what’s the truth and debunk common misconceptions about lash extensions that your clients might ask you about.  

+ share this blog with your clients before their consultation or first appointment to help get these questions answered before they come in. 

  1. Can I get my eyelash extensions wet? 

Answer: Yes! 

This is one of the most asked questions about eyelash extensions and is frequently answered wrong. You can in fact get your lashes wet. Most eyelash extension adhesives are now waterproof and oil proof, making it perfectly safe to get eyelash extensions wet! 

+ if you ever need to clean your eyelashes you don’t even need water! Use our Lash Splash for easily cleaning your lash extensions at home. Lash artists, this is a must have product on your retail shelves for guests.

      2. Do eyelash extensions ruin my natural lashes? 

Answer: Nope 

If your lash artist is applying eyelash extensions correctly and they are being cared for properly, they will not harm natural lashes. A client's lash extensions will grow at the rate of their natural lash growth cycle once applied correctly, causing them to fall out when the natural lashes are ready to fall.  

     3. Can I wear makeup with my eyelash extensions? 

Answer: Sorta... 

This is kind of a trick question. You can wear makeup, but we often advise not to if you can. We suggest not wearing mascara with your lash extensions but if you choose to, avoid the formulas that easily bleed in water. Not only can these formulas pull off natural lashes with a little moisture and pressure, but they also stick like glue to false lashes. You’ll probably lose a few false lashes while taking off the mascara. 

If you want to wear makeup with your gorgeous new lashes, we suggest sticking to eyeshadow to help keep your lashes look stunning and make them pop! To easily remove eyeshadow we suggest using the Lash Addict Makeup Remover Pads which are lash extension safe. Simply swipe a presoaked pad on each of your lids and your eye makeup will come right off with no tugging or need for harsh makeup removers.  

     4. Do eyelash extensions feel heavy or weigh down my natural lashes? 

Answer: No! 

Lash Artist will always ensure their clients feel comfortable wearing their eyelash extensions. Comfortable eyelash extensions come with correct application – you should barely feel eyelash extensions if applied properly. Your lash artists will assess your natural lashes before applying extensions to ensure the best lash style is used on your lashes. If your lash extensions feel uncomfortable or heavy, it is often because they are too long or heavy for your natural lashes to hold. 

     5. Can I work out with eyelash extensions? 

Answer: Absolutely  

It’s totally safe to get your workout on with eyelash extensions! We recommend waiting eight hours after you get a fill or full set to ensure the adhesive isn’t impacted. If sweat lingers on your lashes for a while after a workout, it might damage your lashes so it’s best to clean them after an intense workout. 

     6. Are eyelash extension removals painful? 

Answer: Nope 

An eyelash extension removal should never be painful and the only time an experience may be uncomfortable is if the product gets in a client's eye.  

Lash Artists - here are a few tips to avoid this mistake from happening: 

  • Before the appointment, let your client know how important it is for them to keep their eyes closed during the duration of the removal.  
  • While removing any lashes, ensure you aren’t making any movements that would cause your client’s eyelid to open, such as pulling the eyelid up.  
  • Try your best to only put remover on the base of the extension at the adhesive joint.  
  • Be sure to clean any residue! After the removal, there will be product residue on your client’s natural lashes.  

      7. Do lash extensions prevent my natural lashes from growing back? 

Answer: No 

If your lash extensions are properly taken care of, your natural lashes will continue their normal growth cycle. Natural lashes typically have a growth cycle of eight weeks, and your lash extensions will grow out with your natural lashes.  

     8. Do I have to periodically take breaks from eyelash extensions? 

Answer: No 

If lash extensions are applied correctly, there’s no reason to need a break from eyelash extensions. If you by any chance decide you no longer want lash extensions, schedule an appointment with a certified lash artist to get them properly removed. + you can always receive another set if you choose to in the future.  

     9. Can I remove my eyelash extensions on my own? 

Answer: No 

Eyelash extensions should always be removed by a certified lash artist. Pulling them out, cutting them or using home remedies can cause damage to your natural lashes. A lash artist has the necessary tools and products to safely remove eyelash extensions. 


     10. Will my eyelash extensions look fake? 

Answer: No 

Lash extensions are meant to draw attention to your natural beauty. They can be made to look incredibly natural, as if they are the client’s real lashes. Or, you may want a more dramatic lash look that stands out. All in all, it is up to you as the client to decide how natural or voluminous you’d like your lashes to look and your lash artists can help you decide based on your lifestyle, face and eye shape. 

More questions? 

Comment below on any frequently asked questions you receive from your clients that we may have missed! 

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